Accupressure Massage Ball (Various colours)

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Great Stimulation.
Pain from tense, strained muscles and joints is one of the most common problems healthcare professionals deal with. Whether due to physical injury, or as a direct result of a build up of daily stress, the results can be agonising for the sufferer.

Using the principles of acupuncture, zonal therapy and massage, the massage Ball aims to bring relief from pain caused by muscle tension and aid recovery from musculoskeletal injuries.

The simple design of the massage Ball massages the skin and muscles using the 230 densely packed, raised points on the ball's textured surface. The increased blood flow stimulated by the massaging action helps to remove muscle tension, while the raised points affect the sensory organs of the skin, increasing afferant stimulation of the nervous system.

This is particularly important when dealing with the soles of the feet.

The AOK massage Ball is particularly effective on paraspinal muscle tension and when used on trigger points. Reflexologists also report dramatic results where stimulation of zones on hands and feet may help the organism get rid of the body's waste products.

It also stimulates the acupuncture meridian lines, increasing the body's energy flow. When using the massage Ball, you need not worry about specific locations of meridians. Just roll the massage Ball along your body applying as much gentle pressure as is comfortable.