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With a burst resistant rating of 500kg and independent testing conducted by the University of Newcastle, the AOK Health mediBall Pro is reputed to be the strongest and safest Swiss ball in the world - well no more! AOK's research and development department has surpassed the mediBall Pro technology to introduce the mediBall Max. The mediBall Max has a burst resistant rating of 750kg, a non-slip surface and is available in black or gold.

Sizes: 55cm & 65cm Resistance To Deformation: Very High Static Load: 2500kg or 5500lb Dynamic Load: 750kg or 1650lb.

The MaxBall™ has been tested to ensure product consistency and evaluate new manufacturing protocols. These Swiss Balls have variously supported static loads well in excess of 4,000 kilograms with burst-resistance to a load of 1000 kg. This does not mean “puncture proof” but helps protect you from explosive deflation.