AOK MediBall® Pro 85cm - With Free Mediball Exercise Wall Chart

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AOK commenced its Swiss ball development and testing program in 1996. The University of Newcastle was selected because of its international reputation in materials testing. Testing protocols have been developed which are considered the best in the world for inflatable PVC products.

Since then MediBall®, MaxBall™ and DuraBall™ have been tested to ensure product consistency and evaluate new manufacturing protocols. These Swiss Balls have variously supported static loads well in excess of 4,000 kilograms with burst-resistance to a load of 1000 kg. This does not mean “puncture proof” but helps protect you from explosive deflation. Burst resistance means AOK Swiss balls are designed to slowly deflate if accidentally punctured. We also test for deflation under load and durability. We also cyclic test the balls by loading/unloading approximately 500kg of force in excess of 500 times over a 2 hour period.