BOSU Complete Workout System

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The new BOSU® Complete Workout System is an all-in-one solution for learning how to use the BOSU Balance Trainer, progress exercises and create workouts that get results. It provides an endless variety of exercises, drills and workout options using the BOSU Balance Trainer, along with other equipment readily available in clubs. It’s the ticket to delivering fun, exciting and effective BOSU programming in any workout setting.

Each BOSU Complete Workout System includes a comprehensive manual, laminated workout flow charts to easily create a variety of workouts, instructional DVDs that show proper setup and execution of each exercise, an exclusive Power Music® CD and a carrying case to keep everything organized.

The 190-page manual covers the science of functional balance training, the fundamentals of how to use the BOSU Balance Trainer, and detailed instructions and safety tips for every exercise in the system. In addition, each exercise breakdown includes photos and helpful hints on how to make the exercise easier, harder or just different. Laminated workout charts organize the BOSU Balance Trainer exercises into several different workout routines, offering a dozen of variations for each exercise. Also, a warm-up and cool-down/stretch routine is included for each workout.

The five instructional DVDs demonstrate every exercise option on the workout charts. Proper setup, execution, cuing tips and variations are provided for each exercise for endless options and challenge.

Whether you are a personal trainer or group fitness instructor, the BOSU Complete Workout System provides the perfect formula to make the BOSU Balance Trainer more effective in clubs, in classes and with clients.

Use the BOSU Complete Workout system to save time, simplify getting programs up and running, expand interest and discover new ways to make functional balance training workouts challenging and fun for everyone you teach and train!